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We are confident in saying that you have come to the right site if you are seeking for Copper Washer. We are well-known producers of a variety of copper washers, including DIN 125 and DIN 7603. All varieties of copper washers are available at low prices from Sachin Enterprises, and providing our customers with better copper washers is our main goal. One of the Top manufacturers and suppliers of copper washers in Ahmedabad,India Fluid Power. An example of a washer is a copper washer, which is normally made of pure copper or copper alloys. They serve as a sealing function, distribute weight, and stop leaks in a variety of applications.

When installing copper washers, it's critical to apply the correct tension in order to produce a tight seal without harming the washer or the mating surfaces. To keep the seal's integrity, it is advised that copper washers be periodically inspected and replaced.

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We are an Indian manufacturer and supplier of copper washers.The load of a threaded fastener, such as a bolt or nut, is distributed using washers. A washer can be inserted before a screw or bolt is driven into a surface to reduce looseness and to offer protection. Additionally, this stops the surfaces of the two connected parts from being harmed by the bolt head and nut.Copper washers are prized for their capacity to seal, their resistance to corrosion, their ability to transmit heat, and their malleability. They are widely used in many different industries where good sealing and corrosion resistance are essential. Copper Washers Supplier in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

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being a premier producer, distributor, exporter, and retailer of Copper Washers of high Quality. Due to their exceptional durability, dependability, high grade quality, low maintenance requirements, ideal finishing, and superior performance, the copper washers we offer are in high demand throughout the nation.
For industrial uses in the construction, electric motor, defence, and medical sectors, Hero Metal offers customised copper washers. Hero Metal can make your bespoke washer to your precise specifications using stamping, waterjet cutting, and wire EDM cutting. For each application, our staff will choose the manufacturing technique that is both economical and effective.Our business offers complete production capabilities and can produce products in quantities ranging from prototypes to big production runs.Copper is Flexible and malleable.

Material Copper
Brand Fluid Power
Shape Round
Grade Oxygen Free, ETP, Phosphorised
Color copper
Outer Diameter 13.5 to 70 mm

Benefits Of Curved Tooth Gear Coupling

  • Sealing Function: Copper washers are primarily used for sealing connections.
  • Material: copper due to its desirable properties, such as excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Anti-Corrosion Properties:They are able to handle angular, axial, and parallel misalignment thanks to the curved tooth design of gear couplings.
  • Heat Conductivity:Copper is an excellent conductor of heat
  • Soft and Malleable:Copper is a soft and malleable metal, allowing copper washers to conform to the surfaces.
  • utility in plumbing systems, automotive engines, hydraulic systems
  • electrical assemblies that require corrosion-resistance and excellent heat
  • Crush washers,seal unions ,fluids & liquids.
  • Washers for seals in electronic equipment and to provide electrical insulation for equipment.
  • Copper's strength, wear, crush- and corrosion-resistance.
  • durability and excellent conductive properties

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