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Oil level indicators, commonly referred to as oil sight glasses or oil level gauges, are tools used to monitor and show the oil level in a variety of equipment and systems, including hydraulic systems, industrial machinery, engines, gearboxes, and gearboxes. They offer a visual representation of the oil level, enabling operators or maintenance staff to guarantee that the right oil levels are maintained. Consider aspects like the fluid type, required temperature and pressure, mounting options, and the particular requirements of your equipment or system when choosing an oil level indicator. To select the right indication that matches the needs of your application, it is advised to speak with oil level indicator manufacturers or suppliers in India.

Oil Level Gauge Supplier in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

We have a wide range of oil level gauges Manufacturer,Supplier in Ahmedabad,Gujarat. in store that are made exclusively for measuring and indicating the amount of oil in a tank or reservoir. The Face type Oil level indicator, made of mild steel and polycarbonate components, is the most popular Oil in the complete inventory. Although we have a large selection of conventional indicator sizes, we can also adapt and configure the specs to meet the needs of a particular application.

device that can track and connection the quantity of oil in a variety of equipment or systems is an oil level gauge, occasionally referred to as an oil level sensor or oil level switch. Because it gives a precise measurement of the oil level, operators or maintenanc workers can keep an eye on and maintain the right oil level. Think about things like the sensing technology, fluid compatibility, temperature and pressure ratings, display type, mounting options, and the particular requirements of your equipment or system when choosing an oil level gauge.

Advantages of Oil Level Indicators / Oil Level Gauge

  • Attractive appearance.
  • Transparent sight tube.
  • Thermometers furnished with dual range for both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Simple and rugged construction.
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Choice of seals
  • Easy mounting
Body Aluminum
Brand Fluid Power
Seal Nitrile Rubber
Sight Glass Transparent glass
Reflector Aluminum
Packing Nitrile Rubber
Accuracy +- 2% of the F.S.D.
Type Oil Level Gauge / Oil Level Indicators

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