Breather Plug

Industrial Breather Plug

In order to eliminate the debris and dirt from the medium, industrial breather plug is used. It is used to remove impurities from the system. It is provided with 30 mesh filter screen. It is useful for the cleaning of the air as well as liquids. Industrial breather plug traps down the dirt. It is used as the filter part for hydraulic power unit. It is applied to tanks or other fluid reservoirs. Medium is passed through the industrial breather plug as just on entering the reservoir.

Breather Plug

Breather plug is lined equipment that is provided for the hydraulic system to prevent such system from the contaminants. By preventing the damage to the system, it enhances system’s efficiency. It is used to manage the humidity in the hydraulic system. It is used to clean the air and traps down the dirt particles. It is used as the filter part for hydraulic power unit. It ideally works as vent to allow the air passes up to 25 cfm. It is available with gaskets, hardware and templates.

Drain Breather Plug / Vent Suppliers

We are tagged as the manufacturer and supplier of the drain breather plug. Our drain breather vent is equipment that is attached to the reservoirs of the hydraulic fluids. It is used to filter the air and also for the exchange of the air in order to prevent dirt introduce to hydraulic fluid of the tank. The contaminants may cause harm to hydraulic pumps and other inline equipments. It is used to enhance system performance by preventing such contaminants to the tanks. It effectively reduces the humidity of the system. It is also help the system by preventing of the system from down time.

Collar Plugs

We are considered as the leading manufacturer and supplier of the collar plugs. It is used to prevent dirt, debris and humidity to hydraulic system. It is used to filter the air of the hydraulic system that helps to operate the system without down time. It is provided with templates, gaskets and hardware. It is used to pass the air up to 25 cfm. Our collar plugs are available with different configurations. We also offer customized breathers with cost-effective range.

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