Twin Series Tube Clamps

Twin Series Tube Clamp Meter

We are well known manufacturer and supplier of most favorable quality of pipe clamps. We offer standard as well as customized pipe clamps as per need. We offer many kinds of pipe clamps and hydraulic pipe clamps for varied industrial applications. Our clamps are demanded in wide variety of fitting purposes. it helps to extend service life of the system as well as equipments. It is available with different sizes, shapes and configurations. It is also available with corrosion resistant features.

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Tube Clamps

It is used in hydraulic systems and several electrical instruments. It is also used in process industries and mobile hydraulic systems. It is specially designed for the hose and tube supports for varied process industries. It is popular for its cyclic pressure application. It is useful in electrical equipments’ construction. It is helpful to reduce noise level. We offer our tube clamps with varied material of construction depending upon its application areas. We offer fine quality polypropylene tube clamps for the same. We make use of virgin material for the construction.

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Standard Series Tube Clamps

We offer best quality standard series tube clamps made of carbon steel welded plates. We make use of virgin polypropylene for the fabrication of the standard tube clamps. We also offer polyamide for specific applications. We also offer customize tube clamps. It is available with wide range of sizes, shapes and configuration. It is highly demanded in industrial hydraulic systems and mobile hydraulic system. It is helpful for cyclic pressure applications. It is preferably used in many industrial applications to reduce noise level and to assure least vibration.

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Twin Series Tube Clamps

As being fore most manufacturer and supplier of wide range of pipe clamps, we offer optimum quality of twin tube clamps. Our twin series tube clamps are available with standard as well as customized configurations. It is available with different designs to suits vast range of industrial applications. It is provided with open and square design. We also offer clamp halves that may be used together for proper support. It contains high tensile strength and wear and tear resistance. Depending upon the applications it is available with great range of material of construction like polypropylene, polyamide, aluminum and carbon steel.

Heavy Series Tube Clamps

With affluent experience of fabricating various qualities of pipe clamps, we provide good quality heavy series tube clamps to cater specific industrial applications. We are considered as the major manufacturer and supplier of heavy series tube clamps. We offer different range of the clamps according to applications. It is specially designed for high pressure process control with high assurance of perfect gripping. Our heavy series tube clamps are available with high pressure range up to 5000 psi. For reliable operations it is built with zinc coated welded plate. It is available with stacking kits and rails. We use 304 SS and 316 SS for the fabrication of heavy duty tube clamps. On requirements we provide our clamps up to 10,000 psi.

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Pipe Clamp Stacking Assembly

We are well-known manufacturer and supplier of most advantageous quality of pipe clamp stacking assembly for varied industrial applications like hydraulic systems and other process industries. In order to cater gigantic applications of different industrial sectors, we offer diverse material of construction like polyamide, polypropylene, carbon steel and aluminum. It is highly durable and contains high tensile strength. To offer proper gripping, our clamps stacking assemblies are provided with rubber insert. It is used for soft gripping of tube, hose and pipes. We make use of virgin material. It is helpful to minimize the vibrations and noise level.

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